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How Business English is differ from other communication

In a Corporate environment, way of speech, our reaction with subordinate and clients should be unique and meaningful.

If a company director goes on a business trip he could travel by aero plane: he will need a taxi and check into a hotel. He might need to change money from one currency into another and he may have to cope with a menu to order his meal. If he has problems, he will need to know of people in different situation.

A private person will generally answer the phone “Hello?” However, answering the phone in an office is different. Here is one way a business person (Sarah muller) may possibly answer the phone “Good morning (Company name) Sarah Muller Speaking. Can I help you?”

On the whole Business English help the person to survive in the Business World

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In many areas of international commerce, English is used as the common language. If you can show you have an internationally recognized business qualification in English, you will have a greater advantage in the jobs market, and increased flexibility if you want to work aboard.