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Are Post Graduate Program the Regular degree Program?
YES,Postgraduate Programs are regular degree Program. The degree will be awarded by Periyar University, Salem.
Can one pursue higher studies after Postgraduate Program
Yes, one can pursue higher studies in all the recognized Universities/Colleges in India & abroad.
Is Periyar University recognized by UGC?
YES,Periyar University,Salem recognized by UGC
Where will the students attend theoretical sessions?
Campus of Eva Stalin Business School located at Tambaram.
What is meant by Industry Collaborative?
It implies that the students will undergo theoretical classes and on-the-Job training in Industry/Corporate simultaneously.
Why will the Industry Refresher for On-the-job training ?
 To reduce recurring cost of recruitment and training.
 The Industry gets committed and dedicated work force.
 Industry prefers to absorb students with fresh talent and train them according to company      requirements.
 To prevent low retention of frontline executives.
 High Demand for Executives in Service Industry
How will the students benefit from simultaneously working and studying?
The students will get hands on experience at a very young age before getting into job.