EBS Spotlight » Personality Development

The key to grab good jobs is an attractive personality. An impressive personality not only helps you in your career, it brings you many friends, social contacts and acceptance everywhere. It is a misconception that a great personality is a genetic feature. It can be cultivated and polished through consistent hard work and proper grooming. Apart from looks, an attractive personality consists of many traits such as confidence, courage, and ability to control adverse situations, leadership, initiative, public speaking skills and persistence. You get more success in life once you overcome these barriers you are facing since your childhood.

At EBS, we conduct programs to enhance and develop your personality. The emphasis is given on not only making student academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing you for the real life corporate world .We have expert trainers who work very hard to undertake the task of polishing your personality and develop confidence. They are trained to help you get rid of stammering, not being able to express yourself, shyness and lack of confidence while facing people. It includes everything, which might be blocking your success.

In association with SIEGER, a leading training organization, EBS has many unique programs like trekking, fire walk and many other activities that test your mental and physical agility. To help you in personal grooming, special sessions are held on business etiquette, negotiation skills and effective communication. As a student, you will also be an active member of a club/committee that brings about your true potential and aptitude helping you in your future careers. Thus you can choose from various committees and clubs including. Alumni Committee, Placement Committee, Cultural Committee, Debating Club, Event Management Committee, Sports Committee. Environment Committee, PR & Outreach Committee, IT Club etc.