Best Business Schools in Chennai

What is business school?

“Business School” is a term that refers to colleges that offer business degrees. B-Schools offer both undergraduate and graduate programs, although their most famous programs are Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree programs. A business school may also be referred to as the school of management, management school, school of business administration, or colloquially b-school or biz school. A B-school can be a stand-alone school, approved by University.

Business School vs college

A Business School is a college-level institution that offers degrees in business administration and management. They specialize in all steps and aspects of the business world. A stand-alone B-school is one that is founded specifically to advance business education. No other disciplines are taught, except where they cross over into a business field. They are, for the most part, more career-focused than theory-focused, which is to say there is less emphasis on theoretical applications and more on practical knowledge and skill development. Its focus is very narrow, so it is able to teach advanced skills with a very practical application in today’s business world.

Best Business School for MBA, BBA, B.Com, Fashion Design

1. We develop crucial communication skills

We help you in Writing a convincing report or presenting a winning pitch–and even drafting the right email–requires having excellent communication skills. Whilst studying business you will work alongside students from around the world on a range of challenging projects. Your views and experiences will be different, and may even clash. To get the grade you’ll have to analyze cases, diplomatically respond to conflicting opinions, and master the art of making your point.

2. We Unlock the entrepreneur inside you: Leave your mark on the world

More and more, students go to business school to learn how to launch their dream business. Being your own boss has many perks, but becoming a successful entrepreneur demands creativity, innovation, and a strong execution strategy. We will develop your entrepreneurial skills and enable you to test launch your ideas. Who knows you may even meet your future business partner in class.

3. Develop key management skills

One of the biggest highlights of studying for our MBA Business management degree is to make you be a valuable asset to any organization. We will build a skill set to respond to challenges and current developments in business and society, giving you the ability to make informed managerial decisions that consider ethical, economic, and social implications. Some of these essential business management skills include:

1. critical and strategic thinking

2. communication

3. problem-solving

4. organization

5. presenting

6. reporting

7. leadership

8. project management.

4. Employability

Students who choose to study a degree at Eva Stalin Business School with highly desirable transferable skills and strong business knowledge, two things that are sought after by potential employers. As you progress through our business management degree you will be able to shape the direction of your career, choosing a specialist area of business that interests you such as entrepreneurship or human resource management. Graduates of business management are presented with a variety of job opportunities in:

1. management

2. consultancy

3. marketing and advertising

4. human resources

5. retail and sales

6. finance.

5. An Introduction to the Business World

A key benefit of studying MBA at Eva Stalin Business School is that it serves as an introduction to the real world of business. You will learn from our experienced professionals in their fields about the most up-to-date practices and tools. You’ll also find opportunities for work placements and experience in real companies.

Commercial enterprises are constantly on the lookout for skilled new managers who are trained in working with modern techniques and can help their teams run more efficiently. Your business administration degree will equip you to step into these roles upon graduation.

6. MBA salaries are some of the highest on the job market

Among the benefits of an MBA degree, job security and a high salary are some of the most important. The average income for an MBA graduate is much higher than an employee's with a regular Master's. You can expect to earn twice as much as what you would get from a regular university degree.

7. Network of colleagues

While earning your MBA, you come into contact with faculty and fellow students and alumni of the program who begin to form—or add to your existing—network of colleagues. These include people both within your industry and outside of it and are often spread out across the world, which can translate to promising opportunities in the future.

8. More job opportunities

Many companies now require or prefer candidates with an MBA for a number of roles. Earning this degree significantly expands the number of potential job opportunities for which you qualify.

9. Increased creativity

The coursework for an MBA may seem based on facts and numbers, but the entire experience often ends up sharpening creative thinking and inspiring creative endeavors for MBA graduates. Thinking outside the box is just as important for business as it is for art or music.


The lessons learned while earning an MBA extend beyond the time you spend in the classroom. In addition to a world-class education, MBA students are able to take part in a wide variety of extracurricular activities, interacting with current students and alumni and fostering deeper relationships. Eva Stalin also offers best-in-class career resources for MBA alumni, supporting you at various stages throughout your career and helping you stay connected.

11. Personal development

An MBA graduate almost becomes a new person after their degree program is complete. With a new outlook on life as well as a great new understanding of the business world relating to the different areas taught in an MBA program, an MBA graduate will have new-found survival skills and professionalism, enabling them to develop into exceptional communicators and advisers. Without a doubt studying a Masters in Business Administration will alter your whole perception of life and adjust your mind for the better.

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