MBA IN Human Resource Management (HRM)

This MBA course will prepare you for a career in HRM from Eva Stalin Business School will help you in a wide range of organizations to grow and prosper

What is Human Resource Management (HRM)?

Human Resource Management focuses on principles, methods, and technologies that are used to improve the productivity of an organisation. HR specialists achieve this through strategies and policies that increase the effectiveness of employees. The employees or staff are also referred to as the human capital, the lifeblood and the most important resource of most organisations.

There are several different focus areas in Human Resources:

1. Recruiting and staffing

2. Compensation and benefits

3. Training and learning

4. Labour and employee relations

5. Organisation development

Depending on your role and the size of the company for which you work, your tasks might focus just on one area or multiple ones.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent advantages that you will be able to experience by following an MBA in human resources. Specialisation


2. You can enjoy an improved pay

3. You can expose yourself to more great job opportunities

4. You can get into leadership roles

5. You will be able to ensure job stability

6.Understanding an organization’s psychology

Here are some of the significant job profiles related to HR

• Senior HR manager

• HR manager

• Staffing director

• Technical recruiter

• Compensation manager

• Employee relations manager

• Employment or Placement Manager

• Consultant

• Director of HR Training and Development

Main Skills You Need

• Communication skills

• Organizational skills

• Decision-making skills

• Training and developmental Skills

• Budgeting skills

• Empathetic skills

The Career Scope in Human Resource Management

With the advent of newer technologies and consequent innovation being brought about, the job prospects have also improved in fields like compensation specialist, HR analytics, Employee champion, L&D specialist and also as a consultant. Further, given the equal availability of all other resources, it’s the talented human resources that provides the much-required cutting edge to the organizations in their pursuit of excellence. In VUCA (volatile,uncertain,complex & ambiguous) world of today where your employees are your first customers, it’s important that would be managers get to know about this human resource. With the various inputs we provide in the classroom during our interaction through various methods, like role plays, case studies etc., we make them understand the nuances of handling this precious resource for accomplishing their organizations objectives.