Eva Stalin Business School, Chennai is one such esteemed college to offer MBA specialization in operations management apart from other specializations. Courses offered under MBA Operations management include; productivity, product and services design, facility layouts, process technology, quality management, Six Sigma, e-business, supply chain, logistics, global competition, business process management and modelling, lean management, service operations management, Enterprise Resource Planning, project management, business analytics, operations strategy and more.

MBA candidate with an analytical mindset may want to consider an MBA program with a strong curriculum in production or operations management, which focuses on how companies can create compelling products or services in a cost-effective way. This field is related to a discipline known as logistics or supply chain management, which centers on how companies distribute their products or services to consumers and what they can do to increase the speed and lower the expense of the product or service delivery. Operations management is one of the core areas of the manufacturing and services industry. The subject matter is fascinating and timely; the food you eat, the movies you watch, the stores in which you shop, the goods you buy and the services you enjoy are provided to you by people in operations.

Operation managers are the improvement people, realistic, hard-nosed, make-it-work, get-it-done people. They design the systems and operate the systems by planning, organizing, coordinating, negotiating and delivering the results.

An organization’s long-term performance is dependent on the competency of the operations department and so it forms a crucial part of the firm’s success. An MBA Operations graduate can be an asset to the firm they work for and he/she can improve the organizational performance drastically by application of his knowledge and skills.

Known as one of the leading MBA colleges in Chennai, the pedagogy structure involves a lot of learning through case studies, simulation, plant visits, internship, apart from regular theory classes.

Students at Eva Stalin Business School, Chennai learn management theories and get clear insights into current business scenarios through relevant case discussions in the classrooms. With hands-on work experience through the Student Internship Program at reputed organizations in the manufacturing and service industry, help them to gain clarity on every concept learned through the coursework. Eva Stalin Business School students learn valuable industry insights on contemporary issues through eminent personalities from industry and also expert faculty from foreign universities visiting the campus for teaching.

The Scope ahead:

Graduates in Operations Management are in great demand in the industry. The student specialized in operation management can fit into the IT industry, shipping lines, airlines, retail, healthcare, automobile, insurance, hospitality, logistics, courier, construction, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, and many other available options.

There are options to pursue career in different subfields within operations like supply chain, quality control, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, business process management & modeling, production planning & control, warehouse management, inventory control, facility management and maintenance, operations analysts, inventory control, strategic planning, consultancy, and many others.

The field of operational management offers a wide range of career options. The key areas of development are:

Operations Manager

The operations manager focuses on the optimisation and modification of the working environment and manufacturer, supply chain management, real estate and budgets of the business infrastructure.

Materials Manager

Stores a product in all stages from manufacturers to finished products, moves to retailers, warehouses and consumers within divisions. Managers of materials must ensure that at the correct time the company has the right item at the right price. It refers to services as well as products. The emphasis of service is to order, receive, store and distribute all the resources necessary to perform the service. Jobs include traffic planner, warehouse manager, manager of logistics, inventory management.

Purchasing Manager

Buys the goods and services, raw materials and equipment needed for operation by the company. You manage the quantity, consistency, price and timing for the product. That company makes regular shopping. Every sector is essentially concerned with procurement: public and private. On average, buying people spend half of the income of the company they work for. Jobs include driver, consumer, purchasing agent, shopping administrator.

Industrial Production Manager

Coordinates the operations of manufacturing firms ‘ production teams. They are responsible for the scheduling of the production, employees, quality control, operation and service of the equipment, inventory control and coordination of the activities of the unit with those of the other departments. Jobs include line supervisor, production manager, production planner, production manager.

Operations Research Analyst

Decides the best resource allocation in an entity or program. Time, energy, people, space, and raw materials are all resources. We could also compare different research projects to decide what is best done in a timeline, outcomes and expense in a collection of fixed resources. Jobs include engineer, analyst, office manager, and forecaster.

Quality Assurance Manager

Works on prevention, identification and correction of drug defects. They guarantee the achievement of development goals and efficiency. You can analyse, review, check and set standards. Many of these executives are included in a complete quality management policy plan of an organization with the introduction of the Malcolm Baldrige Award. Jobs include Director, auditor, and technician.

Facilities Coordinator

Designs an enterprise’s physical environment. Work on the design, furnishings and equipment involved.

Logistics Manager

Responsible for management of the supply chain is a key area of the business. Concentrates on quality and accuracy of goods received and delivered. Focused on a high method.